SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences, Volume 60, Issue 8: 080306(2017) https://doi.org/10.1007/s11432-017-9059-y

60 GHz millimeter-wave short-range wireless communication system at 3.5 Gbps over 5 m range

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  • ReceivedFeb 27, 2017
  • AcceptedMar 29, 2017
  • PublishedJun 27, 2017


Millimeter-wave communication has received considerable attention for use in new-generation broadband wireless communication because of the scarcity of microwave band spectrum resources. The unlicensed frequency band at 60 GHz is suitable for indoor short-range broadband communication. In this paper, we introduce a 60 GHz millimeter-wave short-range wireless communication demo system adhering to the IEEE 802.11ad standard and targeting high-definition video streaming transmission. The system uses single-carrier transmission with frequency-domain equalization. The hardware prototype consists of a 65-nm CMOS radio-frequency front-end and a baseband transceiver for the physical layer functions. Important baseband technologies such as carrier synchronization, phase noise compensation, frequency-domain equalization, and low-density parity-check decoding based on probability calculation are also discussed. The system performance is demonstrated in an experiment on high-definition video transmission, where a data rate of 3.52 Gbps is achieved with a quadrature phase-shift keying signal over a distance of 5.109 m.


This work was supported in part by National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863) (Grant Nos. 2011AA010201, 2011AA010202), National Science and Technology Major Project (Grant No. 2013ZX03005010, 2015ZX03004004-003), National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 61371103, 61401447), and ITDCN Open Program (Grant No. KX152600016/ITD-U15007).


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