SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences, Volume 61 , Issue 6 : 060414(2018) https://doi.org/10.1007/s11432-018-9396-7

Flexible ultra-wideband rectangle monopole antenna with O-slot insertion design

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  • ReceivedJan 4, 2018
  • AcceptedMar 21, 2018
  • PublishedMay 11, 2018


Slot insertion design has proven to be an effective method to increase the bandwidth in the design of microstrip antenna. In this paper, the slot insertion design is applied to the flexible ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna. A flexible rectangular UWB monopole antenna is proposed and fabricated with O-slot design using the transfer printing method. By simulating the influence of O-slot design parameters on electromagnetic performance of the antenna, an optimized antenna design is obtained to keep the reflection coefficient under $-$10 dB with the frequencies ranging from 3.5 to 17.8 GHz when the antenna is bent with curvature radius as small as 11 mm. The effect of bending on the reflection coefficient is analyzed. Mechanical simulations indicate that the existence of O-slot can reduce the strain concentration on the metal layer of antenna, which enhances the flexibility of the antenna.


This work was supported by National Basic Research Program of China (973) (Grant No. 2015CB351905), Technology Innovative Research Team of Sichuan Province of China (Grant No. 2015TD0005), and 111 project (Grant No. B13042).


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  • Figure 1

    (Color online) (a) Top view and (b) bottom view of the geometric layout of the O-slot UWB antenna.

  • Figure 2

    (Color online) Simulation results of surface current distributions on the radiator of UWB RMA at three representative frequencies. (a)–(c) UWB RMA without O-slot; (d)–(f) UWB RMA with O-slot.

  • Figure 3

    (Color online) Simulated frequency response of the UWB RMA with/without O-slot.

  • Figure 4

    (Color online) The simulated reflection coefficient of O-slot inserted UWB RMA with different (a) feed position, $p$, and (b) deviation distance of the O-slot, $\delta$. The other parameters of antenna are fixed with the parameters shown in protectłinebreak Table 1.

  • Figure 5

    (Color online) The simulated reflection coefficient of O-slot inserted UWB RMA with (a) different width of O-slot, $s$, and (b) different radius of O-slot, $r$. The other parameters of antenna are fixed with the parameters shown in protectłinebreak Table 1.

  • Figure 6

    (Color online) FEA results of the strain distribution on Cu layer and the corresponding optical images of the antenna with O-slot when attached on cylinders with different curvature radius. (a) $R_{\rm~bend}$ = 28 mm; (b) $R_{\rm~bend}$ = 20 mm; (c) $R_{\rm~bend}$ = 13 mm; (d) $R_{\rm~bend}$ = 11 mm.

  • Figure 7

    (Color online) Simulated (dashed) and measured (solid) $S_{11}$ parameters of the UWB RMA with O-slot at the frequencies ranging from 3 to 18 GHz

  • Figure 8

    (Color online) Measured reflection coefficient of the UWB RMA with O-slot when attached on cylinders of different curvature radius.

  • Table 1   Parameters of the antenna shown in Figure
    Parameter Description Value (mm)
    Ls Substrate length 36.6
    Ws Substrate width 39
    $L$ Radiator length 18.3
    $W$ Radiator width 23
    $S$ Slot width 1
    $\delta$ Deviation distance of O-slot 2
    $p$ Feeding position 6
    Wg Microstrip width 2
    $r$ Radius of O-slot 6
    $h$ Thickness of dielectric layer 1.6
    gr Ground length 6.3

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