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Hierarchical Control for Generator and Battery in the More Electric Aircraft

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This paper addresses the problem of intelligent power management for the More Electric Aircraft framework. The main objective is to regulate the power flow between a low voltage and a high voltage busses through control of a Buck- Boost Converter Unit. This approach allows the battery to help the generator when an overload scenario occurs, keeping at the same time the battery State of Charge above a prescribed threshold. Moreover, in case a continued severe overload causes the battery State of Charge to drop below a prescribed threshold, partial shedding of (noncritical) loads occurs. The control objectives are achieved through the design of a hierarchical control strategy based on High Gain Control for the low level and a Finite State automaton for the high level control. Rigorous mathematical proofs of stability are provided for both low level and high level control and a detailed simulator with accurate model of the battery is presented in order to demonstrate the correctness and effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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