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How Often Should One Update Control and Estimation: Review of Networked Triggering Techniques

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Management of resources is a constant topic in industrial systems. How to use minimum communication resources is of particular interest for control and estimation of networked systems. It raises the question for researchers in the field: how often should one update control and estimation? One of the most intelligent approaches is to trigger updates by events. In the literature, event-triggered control and estimation have been widely studied in the last decade. On one hand, events should be triggered sufficiently frequent to maintain system performance; on the other hand, the possibility of Zeno behavior caused by infinite frequency should be avoided. This review aims at revisiting some existing triggering techniques in a unified formulation, separated from system dynamics and control and estimation strategies. It brings readers better understanding of triggering mechanisms, the underlying technical challenges, and some promising future research topics.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China under grants No. 61803167 and 51729501; State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology under grant No. ICT1900344.

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