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Lyapunov-based event-triggered control for nonlinear plants subject to disturbances and transmission delays

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This paper studies event-triggered control for disturbed nonlinear systems. A new dual-stage Lyapunov-based event-triggering condition is proposed to cope with the time-varying transmission delays. In the first stage, the ratio of Lyapunov function values at the last two triggering instants is calculated. Then based on the ratio, the corresponding threshold function is selected from two candidate forms. It is proved that the designed event-triggered control system is input-to-state practically stable with respect to the measurement errors and disturbances. Moreover, Zeno behavior is excluded successfully by calculating the lower bound of the minimum inter-event times. Finally, a simulation example is provided to show the feasibility and the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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National Nature Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 61573036 and 61174057)

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