SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences, https://doi.org/10.1007/s11432-019-2692-9

Rotating Consensus Control of Double-Integrator Multi-Agent Systems with Event-based Communication

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This paper focuses on the rotating consensus problem for a group of double-integrator agents withonly event-based communication. We propose a distributed event-based rotating consensus protocol, which can guarantee that a consensus with respect to both the position and velocity is achieved while all agents together have circular motion around a same center. For each agent, it is shown that the communication is only needed at the event times, such that less communication is required. Moreover, with the proposed event-based protocol, it is proved that for each agent Zeno behavior can be strictly avoided. Numerical simulations show that the event-based control law can efficiently solve the rotating consensus problem.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China; China Postdoctoral Science Foundation in Central South University; Hunan Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China

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