Single-GaSb-nanowire-based room temperature photodetectors with broad spectral response

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  • ReceivedOct 10, 2014
  • AcceptedNov 11, 2014
  • PublishedDec 17, 2014


Single-gallium antimonide (GaSb)-nanowire-based photodetectors were fabricated on both rigid SiO2/Si substrate and flexible polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrates, both of which exhibited high responsivity, fast-response, and long-term stability in photoswitching over a broad spectral range from ultraviolet to near infrared. Besides, the as-fabricated rigid device exhibited high responsivity of 7,350 A/W under illumination of λ = 350 nm and light intensity P = 0.2 mW/cm2, while the flexible device displays higher detectivity of 9.67 × 109 jones at 700 nm than the rigid one and lower noise equivalent power (NEP, \( {\text{NEP}}_{{700\;{\text{nm}}}}^{*} \) = 2.0 × 10−12 W/Hz1/2) for the much lower dark current on PET. The high responsivity, broad spectral detection from ultraviolet to near-infrared and long-term stability make GaSb nanowire one of the most important candidates to construct advanced optical sensors or other optoelectronic devices.


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