In situ carrier tuning in high temperature superconductor \(\hbox {Bi}_2\hbox {Sr}_2\hbox {CaCu}_2\hbox {O}_{8+{\delta} }\) by potassium deposition

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  • ReceivedApr 22, 2016
  • AcceptedMay 10, 2016
  • PublishedMay 30, 2016


We report a successful tuning of the hole doping level over a wide range in high temperature superconductor \(\hbox {Bi}_2\hbox {Sr}_2\hbox {CaCu}_2\hbox {O}_{8+\delta }\) (Bi2212) through successive in situ potassium (K) deposition. By taking high resolution angle-resolved photoemission measurements on the Fermi surface and band structure of an overdoped Bi2212 (\(T_\mathrm{c}=76\) K) at different stages of K deposition, we found that the area of the hole-like Fermi surface around the Brillouin zone corner (\(\pi \),\(\pi \)) shrinks with increasing K deposition. This indicates a continuous hole concentration change from initial \(\sim \)0.26 to eventual 0.09 after extensive K deposition, a net doping level change of 0.17 that makes it possible to bring Bi2212 from being originally overdoped, to optimally-doped, and eventually becoming heavily underdoped. The electronic behaviors with K deposition are consistent with those of Bi2212 samples with different hole doping levels. These results demonstrate that K deposition is an effective way of in situ controlling the hole concentration in Bi2212. This work opens a good way of studying the doping evolution of electronic structure and establishing the electronic phase diagram in Bi2212 that can be extended to other cuprate superconductors.


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