SCIENTIA SINICA Informationis, Volume 47, Issue 6: 804-810(2017) https://doi.org/10.1360/N112017-00059

Future Internet architecture: research status, hot topics, and development practice

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  • ReceivedMar 15, 2017
  • AcceptedMay 8, 2017
  • PublishedMay 31, 2017


With continuous increase in the number of its users and applications, the Internet has been gradually encountering the issues of security, mobility, scalability. Therefore, many organizations around the world are engaged in research that aims to overcome these drawbacks. We first describe the main problems faced by the Internet, review some related research, and analyze some promising technologies, such as SDN, NFV, NS, and ICN. Then, we highlight the research work on SINET, which allows to integrate a variety of advanced network technologies and adapt to different application environments dynamically. This design conforms to the development trend of the future Internet.

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  • Table 1   Some major research projects abroad
    Year Region Organization Project
    2006 USA NSF FIND (Future Internet Design)
    2007 EU FP7 FIRE (Future Internet Research and Experiment)
    2010 USA NSF FIA (Future Internet Architecture)
    2012 EU FP7 FIRE (in Call 8)
    2012 USA the White House US IGNITE
    2012 USA NSF CNS (Computer and Network Systems)
    2013 EU FP7 FIRE (in Call 10)
    2014 EU FP7 H2020-ICT (Information Communication Technology)
    2014 USA NSF FIA-Next Phase
    2015 USA United States Army WIN-T (Warfighter Information Network-Tactical)
    2016 EU FP7 H2020-SEC (Network Security)
    2017 EU FP7 H2020-FI (Future Internet)
  • Table 2   Some major research projects in China
    Year Project Name
    2007 973 Fundamental Research on Universal Network and Pervasive Services$^{[5]}$
    2007 973 Fundamental Research on Multi-Domain Collaboration for Broadband Wireless
    2007 973 Fundamental Research of Measurable, Controllable and Manageable IP Network $^{[6]}$
    2009 973 Fundamental Research on New Generation Internet Architecture and Protocols$^{[7]}$
    2009 973 Research on Basic Theory and Key Technology of Cognitive Ratio Network
    2010 973 Information Service Model and Basic Research
    2011 973 Research on Service-Oriented Networking Architecture and Mechanism
    2011 973 Research on Reconfigurable Information Communication Basal Network
    Architecture $^{[8]}$
    2013 973 Fundamental Research on Intelligent Collaborative Broadband Wireless Network
    2013 973 Fundamental Research on Theories of Smart and Cooperative Networks $^{[9]}$
    2015 Innovation Team Project Research on Basic Theory of Mimic Defense
    2015 863 Key Technology and Demonstration of Universal Identifier Network
    2016 National Science & Space-Air-Ground Integrated Network Information Security Technology
    Technology Major Project

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