SCIENTIA SINICA Informationis, Volume 48 , Issue 8 : 1097-1101(2018) https://doi.org/10.1360/N112018-00111

Key technologies should be developed through trial-and-error procedures

Weiwu HU 1,2,*
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  • ReceivedMay 2, 2018
  • AcceptedMay 11, 2018
  • PublishedMay 23, 2018


Key technology products, such as a CPU and an engine, are complex systems. The development of such products typically undergoes multiple trial-and-error procedures that are similar to moving upstairs, with each stair representing one trial-and-error procedure in need of long time and patience. During the past years, Chinese researchers have made significant progress in the design of CPUs. They will continuously endeavor to accelerate independent innovations and propel trial-and-error procedures to a higher level.


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