Chinese Science Bulletin, Volume 64, Issue 20: 2070-2071(2019) https://doi.org/10.1360/TB-2019-0051

Rolling origami with smart materials

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  • ReceivedMay 14, 2019
  • AcceptedMay 31, 2019


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  • Figure 1

    (Color online) Rolled-up microstructures with smart materials[8,9]. (a) Scheme of hydrogen detection and high integration devices based on rolled-up microstructures. Scale bars, 500 μm. (b) Enhanced macroscopic visual hydrogen detection with "FUDAN" character. Scale bar, 2 mm. (c) Enhanced macroscopic visual hydrogen detection with "FUDAN" logo. Scale bar, 2 mm. (d) Scheme of temperature-dependent microactuators and controllable rolled-up structures with different curvatures. Scale bar, 100 μm. (e) The curvature changes of rolled-up microactuators during heating and cooling. Scale bar, 50 μm

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