Selectivity enhancement of quaternized poly(arylene ether ketone) membranes by ion segregation for vanadium redox flow batteries

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  • ReceivedSep 11, 2018
  • AcceptedNov 19, 2018
  • PublishedJan 31, 2019


Quaternary ammonium densely functionalized octa-benzylmethyl-containing poly(arylene ether ketone)s (QA-OMPAEKs) with ion exchange capacities (IECs) ranging from 1.23 to 2.21 mmol g−1 were synthesized from: (1) Ullmann coupling extension of tetra-benzylmethyl-containing bisphenol A; (2) condensation polymerization with activated dihalide in the presence of K2CO3; (3) selective bromination using N-bromosuccinimide; and (4) quantitative quaternization using trimethylamine. Both small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and transmission electron microscope (TEM) characterizations revealed distinct nano-phase separation in QA-OMPAEKs as a result of the dense quaternization. The QA-OMPAEK-20 with an IEC of 1.98 mmol g−1 exhibited a high SO42− conductivity of 11.4 mS cm−1 and a low VO2+ permeability of 0.06×10−12 m2 s−1 at room temperature, leading to a dramatically higher ion selectivity than Nafion N212. Consequently, the vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) assembled with QA-OMPAEK-20 achieved a Coulombic efficiency of 96.9% and an energy efficiency of 84.8% at a current density of 50 mA cm−2, which were much higher than those of the batteries assembled with Nafion N212 and a home-made control membrane without distinct nano-phase separation. Therefore, ion segregation is demonstrated to be a strategical route for the design of high performance anion exchange membranes (AEMs) for VRFBs.

Funded by

the National Natural Science Foundation of China(51503038,51873037)


This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51503038, 51873037).

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  • Figure 1

    1H NMR spectra of octa-benzylmethyl-containing compounds a and b in CDCl3.

  • Scheme 1

    Synthesis of benzylmethyl-containing compounds a and b.

  • Figure 2

    1H NMR spectra of OMPAEK-20 in CDCl3 (A), Br-OMPAEK-20 in CDCl3 (B), and QA-OMPAEK-20 in DMSO-d6 (C) (color online).

  • Scheme 2

    Synthesis of QA-OMPAEKs from condensation polymerization, bromination and quaternization (color online).

  • Scheme 3

    The chemical structure of the control sample QA-TMPAEKs.

  • Figure 3

    FT-IR spectra of OMPAEK-20, Br-OMPAEK-20 and QA-OMPAEK-20 (a) and XPS survey spectrum of QA-OMPAEK-20 (b) (color online).

  • Figure 4

    Schematic comparison (a) and SAXS patterns (b) of QA-OMPAEK-20 and QA-TMPAEK-40; TEM image of QA-OMPAEK-20 (c) and QA-TMPAEK-40 (d).

  • Figure 5

    Water uptake (a), swelling ratio (b), SO42− conductivity (c), and VO2+ permeability (d) of QA-OMPAEKs and QA-TMPAEKs as a function of IEC at room temperature (color online).

  • Figure 6

    Stress-strain curves (a) and oxidation stabilities (b) of QA-OMPAEK-20, QA-TMPAEK-40, and Nafion N212 (color online).

  • Figure 7

    Cell performance of VRFBs assembled with Nafion N212 (black items), QA-OMPAEK-20 (red items), and QA-TMPAEK-40 (blue items). (a) Charge/discharge curves at the current density of 50 mA cm−2; (b) efficiencies as a function of current density; (c) discharge capacity retention as a function of cycling numbers; (d) open circuit voltage as a function of time (color online).

  • Table 1   Inherent viscosities and average molecular weights of the polymers


    η (dL g−1)

    Mn (kDa)

    Mw (kDa)


    η a) (dL g−1)

    Mn a) (kDa)

    Mw a) (kDa)

    PDI a)

    η b) (dL g−1)









































    After bromination; b) after quaternization.

  • Table 2   Physical properties of the samples and Nafion N212


    Target IEC (mmol g−1)

    Titrated IEC (mmol g−1)

    Water uptake (%)

    Swelling ratio (%)

    Ion conductiity

    (mS cm−1 )

    VO2+ permeability

    (×10−12 m2 s−1)


























    Nafion N212








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