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  • ReceivedMar 3, 2020
  • AcceptedMar 23, 2020
  • PublishedMar 25, 2020


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Funded by

the grants from Sichuan Science and Technology Program(2020YFS0014,2020YFS0558)

the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences(2019-I2M-5-032)

Technology & Science & Technology Bureau of Chengdu(2020-YF05-00060-SN,2020-YF05-00075-SN)


We thank all the participants and their families for participating in this study. This work was supported by the grants from Sichuan Science and Technology Program (2020YFS0014 and 2020YFS0558), the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (2019-I2M-5-032) and Technology & Science & Technology Bureau of Chengdu (2020-YF05-00060-SN and 2020-YF05-00075-SN).

Interest statement

The author(s) declare that they have no conflict of interest. This study was performed in accordance with the principles of the Helsinki Declaration of the World Medical Association. The protocol was approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital.



Figure S1 SDS-PAGE analysis and Western blot of the N protein, the RBD of the S protein, and the binding curve of the RBD-mFc to human ACE2.

Table S1 Demography and clinical classification of COVID-19 patients

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  • Figure 1

    (Color online) Results and ROC curve of antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 detected by ELISA and chemiluminescence. A, A450 values of the two groups (positive and negative controls) tested by rN-based IgG. B, A450 values analyzed by rS-based IgG in different groups. C, A450 values in two groups from rN-based IgM testing. D, For rS-based IgM analysis, different groups showed differing A450 values. E, For IgG analysis in chemiluminescence, different groups showed differing values. F, For IgM analysis in chemiluminescence, different groups showed differing values. G, ROC curve for rN-based IgG. H, ROC curve analyzed by rS-based IgG. I, ROC curve from rN-based IgM testing. J, ROC curve for rS-based IgM analysis. K, The ROC curve for IgG testing in chemiluminescence. L, The ROC curve analyzed by IgM testing in chemiluminescence. ***, P<0.0001.

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