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Gait planning and control method for humanoid robot using improved target positioning

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In this paper, we propose a method for humanoid robot Nao in the task of climbing stairs which locates the position of stairs and plans the gait of climbing stairs. The skill of climbing stairs is a necessary ability for humanoid robots to achieve basic intelligence and adapt to the human living environment. The stair position is located using landmarks based on a neural network fitting method. The gait of climbing stairs is divided into the trajectories of COG and ankle joint, which based on the static walking method. To control the movement of the humanoid robot in real-time, we built a remote control platform and developed a control algorithm of motion. The proposed method increases the accuracy of target positioning and makes the humanoid robot Nao climb the stairs of 2.94 cm steps successfully in experiments.

Funded by

National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61473027)

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