SCIENTIA SINICA Informationis, Volume 42 , Issue 9 : 1049-1066(2012) https://doi.org/10.1360/112012-402

Research status and development trends of the service robotic technology

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  • AcceptedAug 21, 2012
  • PublishedSep 18, 2012


After thirty years' development, the service robots have achieved important results in the interdisciplinary aspect involving mechanical engineering, information, material, control as well as medicine. In combination with our relative research work in the field of service robots, in this paper, we review the research and development status of the service robotic technologies based on the analysis about the current development of the service robots at home and abroad. The key technologies include the biomimetic materials and structure for more efficient and compact design, the self-reconfiguring modular robots with more strong survival ability, the robotic dynamics under the complex environments, the intelligent cognitive and perception for more information, the networked interaction for more complex tasks, the micro-nano robotic systems used in tiny space and so on. Finally, we think that the dialectical relationships between the needs and the innovation, the industry, the service and the safety are the core driving and binding forces which will influence the development of the service robots significantly. We hope this paper will not only grasp the development trends of the international advanced service robots, but also provide related theory, method and technology for our country’s service robotic industry.

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