SCIENTIA SINICA Chimica, Volume 49 , Issue 4 : 597-606(2019) https://doi.org/10.1360/N032018-00196

Controllable release of volatile aldehydes from polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane-based pro-fragrances

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  • ReceivedAug 23, 2018
  • AcceptedSep 13, 2018
  • PublishedJan 18, 2019


In the area of functional flavors and fragrances, the effective aroma and fragrance lasting are long-term challenges. To achieve this goal, an effective way is forming and cutting-off fragile covalent bonds of pro-fragrances along with controlled release of fragrances. We here report a new family of nanocarrier-based pro-fragrances, which have a high affinity to silk textiles and papers. The new pro-fragrances were prepared by using polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) with perfume aldehydes, in which the formed acetal group as a linker that serves to bind the fragrance molecules allowed slow release of aldehyde molecules via hydrolysis reactions. The controllable release of volatile aldehydes was investigated in aqueous suspensions by headspace solid-phase micro-extraction analysis in combination with gas chromatography. The results show that the release of fragrances from this pro-fragrance system with headspace concentrations are 5–10 times slower than the free aldehydes.

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本工作在上海应用技术大学香料香精技术与工程学院测试中心、上海市香料研究所和华东理工大学分析测试中心进行测试, 在此一并致谢.


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