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Multi-stage dual neighborhood artificial bee colony algorithm for satellite module layout optimization problem

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  • AcceptedJun 23, 2015
  • PublishedJan 28, 2016


This paper presents an improved artificial bee colony algorithm with dual neighborhood, and combines it with a multi-stage solving strategy to form a multi-stage dual neighborhood artificial bee colony algorithm (MS-DABC) for the three-dimensional satellite module layout optimization problem (3DSMLOP). 3DSMLOP is a complex multi-constrained coupling problem whose solution space is non-continuous, non-linear, multi-modal. MS-DABC decomposes 3DSMLOP into several subsystems, and divides the optimization process into two stages according to the coupling relationship on optimization goals between subsystems. In the first stage, each subsystem uses the dual neighborhood artificial bee colony algorithm (DABC) to optimize no-coupling optimization goals independently. Based on the optimal solution obtained in the first stage, the coupling optimization goals are solved by the collaborative rotation between the subsystems in the second stage. The rotation angles are optimized by the artificial bee colony algorithm. Numerical experiment results show that MS-DABC is very effective and has outstanding performance for solving the 3DSMLOP example.


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